Channel 4 launches first real-time voting talent show Singer Takes It All

Singer Takes It All

Channel 4 debuts a new format in August fronted by Alan Carr in which voters use an app to propel their favourite acts on a movable stage towards the “gold zone” and a possible cash prize.

Tectonic Interactive is providing the technology which underpins the interactive singing contest where viewers can vote in real time.

The Singer Takes It All is scheduled to air in late summer and allows audiences to vote in real time using a free app.

On set will be a movable 18-metre stage that can be manipulated by viewers depending on how they rate the act performing. The more popular the overall consensus is towards the act the act the closer it moves to a “gold zone”.

The contestants who spend most time in the gold zone will compete for a cash prize while the less popular acts will head to the back and a likely elimination.

The four-part series will be hosted by Alan Carr and does not feature any judges although celebrity guests will interact with the contestants.

It is due to air in August over in a weekend slot and is being made by Big Brother producers Endemol.